We carry virtually every type of CBD product at The CBD Store and we’d obviously love to sell them to you.  Before we do though, we’d like to take the time to:

Educate ourselves – about you, about your needs, and about your priorities for self-care.

Educate you – about the endocannabinoid system, about CBD’s role in regulating that system, and about our products that can help do exactly that.

Pay it forward – equip you with information that you can take forward in evaluating your own and your family’s ongoing wellness.

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Once we’ve accomplished these three things, we can all better ascertain which CBD product might work best for you. Whether you need something fast-acting, like a vape or topical product, or perhaps you need something more systemic in its orientation, like our line of Evolution water-soluble and “nano” products, we’ll help you identify the right product for you.

You can rest assured The CBD Store uses the highest quality manufacturers.  They use full spectrum, all-natural, terpene-rich hemp oil extract from industrial hemp. Our manufacturers use nanotechnology in producing products which are exceedingly bioavailable to the body. Customers get greater CBD absorption from our products. Our industrial hemp is always 100% organic, gluten free and non-GMO hemp. It has no heavy metals or insecticides, and is batch tested using ultra performance convergence chromatography.


Our founder is Brendon Hodgson. He’s an entrepreneur with twenty-years of small business experience, including years of experience in the broader cannabis industry. In 2015, he was starting a new company, turning a new page in his life, when he was in a catastrophic car accident.  He shattered his hip, suffering compound fractures in his foot and leg, and several additional broken bones.  Months in the hospital with opiates for pain relief brought slow recovery.

Through his own research and background, Brendon was aware of CBD. He decided to try it himself to aid his recuperation.  Within days he was off of the opiate drugs for pain management.  Within weeks he was mobile in a way that surprised both he and his physicians.  Over the months, and despite a foot brace and some permanent orthopedic difficulties, Brendon reclaimed nearly all of his mobility and was back to his standard strength training and intensive workouts.

Since then, Brendon has dedicated his life to bringing the potential of CBD to others.

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As a rule, the fastest means of getting CBD into the system is to vaporize it.  You breathe vapor into the lungs.  Customers often describe rapid effect for fast-acting pain or anxiety relief.  Fast-in seems to correlate with fast-out though.  Vaporized cannabidiol tends to leave the system much faster.  It also has a much shorter period of efficacy.  Vaporizing CBD is not as efficient for absorption as other available means of delivery.  Vape products are best for people who need an immediate dose and don’t seek the ongoing benefits systemic CBD.


Tinctures are another fast delivery method for CBD.  The CBD Store tinctures are designed to be delivered sublingually. (under the tongue)  They are intended to be held in the mouth for a period of time. (about a minute) This ensures as much absorption as possible directly through the capillaries in the mouth.  This produces a faster effect.  It introduces the cannabidiol more or less directly to the bloodstream.  By the same token, it tends to metabolize and exit the system faster as well.  Some CBD is swallowed and absorbed later in the GI tract. However, the efficiency is spread out across two different absorption times and sites. There are more efficient means of introducing CBD at a systemic level.  Tinctures are best for someone who is seeking a fast effect and prefers this oral liquid application.


Another fast-acting application of CBD can be found in our family of body products.  We have a range of products tailored to easy application at different parts of the body.  We carry body lotions, lip balms, eye rejuvenation and other specialized body care items.  However, our most popular external product, is probably our topical serum.  The topical serum is mixed with DMSO for extra relief of arthritis and inflammation.  This also helps with better absorption of the CBD at the trouble spot.  Body products in general, and the topical serum especially, are geared for those who have isolated spot pain. Body products and topicals are best you can easily localize your problem to a specific region of the body.

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Systemic and Long Lasting

Fast-acting products have their time and place.  However, many customers are looking for a more long-lasting, systemic, and ongoing “supplement” approach to their CBD choices.  If someone is using cannabidiol in an attempt to improve a chronic condition, a disease, persistent pain, and the like, they often report better outcome from a systemic approach to ingesting CBD.


The CBD Store carries a line of gummies as well as a line of capsules that can be added to your existent supplement routine.  This method is more comfortable for many. We also carry a line of edibles products – a range of popcorns and candies and the like. They can be a fun way to take CBD into the body.


The CBD Store “nano” water-soluble CBD product is the most innovative, efficient, and probably “best” option for most people. We have a patent-pending nanotechnology supporting our water-soluble manufacturing. This nano-CBD is “sliced” to under 100 nanometers which promotes better absorption in your body. Most other CBD products hover around 30-50% efficiency for absorption. Our nano-CBD should be well above 90% and headed towards “perfect” absorption.

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This means that each application more effective by volume.  There is also more value over time with a product you can tune. You can achieve a more reliable and precise dose.  This is unquestionably the best product The CBD Store carries for those looking to titrate their cannabidiol intake with precision. The nano-CBD allows a person to quickly build a baseline of support for the endocannabinoid system, and then maintain those levels as needed. This is probably our most frequently recommended product across the broadest range of conditions.  (And it’s available in a formula for your dog and cat as well!)


As mentioned, our systemic products, and our nano-CBD in particular, tend to produce the best ongoing results at the best value.  However, many of our customers who deal with acute issues, like anxiety attacks or joint pain, tell us they find additional relief with the added use of a fast-acting item like a vape pen or the topical serum.  One can benefit from providing a systemic and ongoing baseline for the endocannabinoid system in a supplemental fashion, but then gain immediate benefit from a fast-acting product as needed.   A person might attempt to better control a chronic condition with supplemental daily use and then mitigate a “flare up” with a fast-acting product.

Fortunately, and as encouragement for you to experiment in order to find the right combination of use for your needs, there are no reported side effects from cannabidiol use and it is nontoxic. No lethal dose has been identified and it is exceedingly unlikely that you could consume enough to overdose.  There are certainly diminishing returns as with any other health aid, but you can adjust your intake to your needs with worry-free confidence.

If you’re still not positive which product you might like to try, call or come in to one of our The CBD Store locations today!


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