Happy Valentine’s Day (or Monday) from The CBD Store!

A young couple being their best self, making the shape of a heart holding hands. Happy Valentine's from The CBD Store!

Some people call Valentine’s Day a ‘Hallmark Holiday’.  (as Kansas City company ourselves, we at The CBD Store aren’t so sure what might be wrong with that, but…)

Some couples choose February 14th to formally celebrate their love.  Other couples might choose a random Monday afternoon.  Regardless, it’s important every couple sets aside time to reflect, appreciate, or decide how they’d like to move forward.  Whenever you and your partner choose to celebrate each other, here are some thoughts for being your best self.


We’ve all heard it – from our grandmother, a concerned friend, (past) lover, or pick your latest self-help guru.  “If you can’t love yourself, how can you possibly hope to love someone else?” That’s certainly some wisdom almost everyone can endorse. There is also a physical truth to the statement.  For example: pain and inflammation can cause people to neglect their health and exercise routines, all of which can contribute to acute depressive episodes and anxiety.  Reflexively, clinical depression and generalized anxiety are associated with higher reported physical pain and discomfort.  Sometimes we need tools to help break the cycle and restore some balance to both body and mind.

If you’re trying to bring your best self to a date with your partner, it might be time or money well-spent to treat yourself to some extra yoga in the morning, a walk back to the office after lunch, or even a spa day and massage.  There are a variety of CBD body products that can accentuate the restorative and recuperative aspects of any of the above.  If your partner seems like they may be overly stressed, encourage them to take time out for themselves before they do the same for you.  It’s important to properly encourage everyone we love; including ourselves.

Relax (Seriously, just chill)

 A fair number of couples find their true love at or around Valentine’s Day.  For those of you who might be headed into scary and uncharted waters of first dates, first dinners, first “whatevers”, just breathe.  It’s gonna be okay.  We promise.  Have an extra glass of water (preferably before that extra glass of wine) at dinner.  Try on a few moments of silence to see if that feels comfortable too.  And, if you’re still feeling like you need a little extra assist relaxing, a quick CBD vape, or fast-acting nano water-soluble might help you settle down and just chill.

Many couples will be out for their 100th, or even their 1000th date this season though.  For these folks, the celebration may be about just how relaxed they’re able to be together.  It’s unfortunate, maybe even intolerable, for the nagging (if necessary) stressors of the daily grind to interfere with the affirmation a lasting relationship deserves.  It’s important to reduce these distractions so that you take timeout for the two of you.

Help and encourage each other to find the balance to give back to one another.  Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Monday, we’ll help and encourage you to find the right CBD product to assist both of you in that endeavor.