Workout and Recovery with CBD

The new year is here and if you’re like 45% of people who made a New Year’s Resolution last year, you’re looking to get in better shape in 2019.  But the doldrums are also here, and we’ve already established that you’re likely carrying a few extra pounds, and it already sucks getting to the gym before work…

We know you have the will power to concur these challenges.  That workout can really add up to some pain, though, and pain can stop your workout in its tracks no matter how motivated you might be. Proper recovery is essential for maintaining your body’s health and integrity as you add the stresses of a workout and weight loss plan.

CBD-rich full spectrum hemp oil is a fantastic addition to your recovery planning.  Proper rest, timing, nutrition, and focus can all help improve and shorten recovery periods, but nothing addresses more common problems with recovery than alleviating inflammation.

Inflammation is an immune response triggered by what the body perceives to be injury, foreign substances, or infection.  The body floods affected areas with lymph and blood in an attempt to combat whatever damage may have occurred.  This is very useful in healing the body, but can also cause extraneous problems when the immune system is “tricked” into a response by otherwise harmless stimuli, like allergens and certain auto immune responses, and sometimes even beneficial stimuli, like exercise and lifting weights.

CBD is consistently shown to be very effective in combating inflammation in the body.  Its stimulation of the body’s natural cannabinoid receptors helps the body regulate immune response generally and is shown to reduce inflammation both acutely and systemically.  Our line of full spectrum hemp oils are made from whole plant material so they also include an abundance of terpenes and omega-3 fatty acids, which have been independently verified to be helpful in reducing inflammation, as well as a variable blend of other cannabinoids, flavonoids and other potentially beneficial compounds.

Make CBD from hemp oil a part of your 2019 recovery plan. Visit one of our CBD Stores today to see if hemp oil might give an extra boost to your motivation and help you achieve your New Year’s goals!

(Here is an excerpt of The Joe Rogan Podcast talking about CBD with Robb Wolf, a biochemist and nutrition expert, with a broad awareness of CBD’s presence in the literature and with no personal experience or interest coloring his statements – WARNING, this clip contains language which may not suitable for children)

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