What’s the Buzz About Nanotechnology?

A molecule demonstrating nanotechnology with 1nm=1x10^-9m

Nanotechnology Described

Nanotechnology is any technology that operates at scales of less than 100 nanometers in length. (one one-billionth of a meter, 10-9 meters) Richard Feynman envisioned the field in his 1959 lecture “Plenty of Room at the Bottom”.

In reality, humans have been making use of nanotechnologies for longer than the word has existed.  Alloys, color pigment, and a variety of long known chemical and biological reactions actually operate at scales of 10-9m. Now days, we are building a number of nanomaterials based in a more complete understanding of nanostructures and their impacts on materials like metals, plastics, biotech, and chemical reactivity.

Nanotech in The CBD Store Products

The CBD Store sources hemp oil products that employ a patent-pending process for water-soluble and nanoscale CBD delivery. The nano-CBD formula our manufacturers use creates near perfect mixing in water-based products.  The CBD is “sliced” into tiny packets smaller than 100 nanometers in length.  Bioavailability and absorption rates are likely improved by orders of magnitude as a result.

Our manufacturers’ nanotechnology and the nanotech CBD products we carry places The CBD Store at the peak of the industry.  We offer products to match out industry knowledge and commitment to service. There is an ancient wisdom that corresponds to the use of cannabis in medicine.  Science continues to confirm much of that wisdom.  The use of nanotechnologies is the future of the CBD and hemp industry. The CBD Store is leading the pack in bringing this technology to our customers.

The CBD Store has always demonstrated an unyielding commitment to customer service.  We strive to educate ourselves about each of our customers before making any product recommendations.  We carry that same commitment to carrying the latest technologies and providing items at the cutting edge of this pioneering new category of CBD products.

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