Which CBD Product Is Right For Me?


Hemp oil extract, and its primary constituent, cannabidiol (CBD), continues to be praised by large numbers of people who have tried it for a variety of needs.  CBD from hemp oil extract works to activate and replenish the body’s endocannabinoid system, for which people with a number of conditions have reported benefit.   From short-lived and episodic anxiety and depression, to Crohn’s and Parkinson’s and other chronic conditions, all the way to attempts to improve comfort and outcomes with certain cancer treatments, The CBD Store customers represent a patchwork of the wonderful people in our community and we go out of our way to understand each and every one of their needs on an individual basis.

Choosing the right means of getting the CBD into your body is critical for obtaining the best results.  There are a number of ways to take cannabidiol into the body and a number of ways to combine those methods to achieve maximum effect.  Here is a brief review of some of our most popular product lines and some words about their particular purpose.  As always, consult your physician before making any dramatic changes to your daily supplement intake, and feel free to call or pop into any of our The CBD Store locations for more guidance around your unique goals.


Among the most well-known methods of administering CBD is to vaporize (“vape”) it into an ultrafine aerosolized vapor and then take it into the lungs.  This isn’t smoke or smoking, but it does take advantage of the same physiology.  Taking the vaporized CBD into your lungs allows it to interact almost immediately with your circulatory system and this causes very rapid delivery of cannabidiol to the system.  Our customers who are in search of fast-acting, immediate relief from an acute condition – like an anxiety attack, or stress – report benefit from the quick absorption provided by our vape products.  We sell prefilled cartridges as well as rechargeable batteries, and we also offer our new “3-in-1” product, which can be used as an e-liquid for refillable vape pens.  All of our vapable CBD is available in an assortment of up to twelve different flavors.

Many people prefer a different means of taking CBD than to vape it, though.  That’s why we also offer a line of tinctures meant to be taken sublingually so that absorption can occur under the tongue and in the capillaries of the mouth before the hemp oil is swallowed.  This helps with a similar fast-acting result, and for people who dislike the sensation or health implications of breathing anything into the lungs, this is another rapid way to deliver cannabidiol to the system.  We offer a tincture as well as our “3-in-1” product that can be administered in the same sublingual manner.

Other people are dealing with external or spot issues on the body. We carry a wide variety of body products tuned to different purposes.  We have an eye serum and a lip balm, as well as body lotions and face creams – we even carry bath bombs and scented aroma therapies.  By far our most discussed and requested body product, though, is our topical serum.  The topical serum contains DMSO, which is known to ease inflammation and pain associated with arthritis.  DMSO is also a very potent solvent, which helps to deliver the CBD that it is carrying deeper into the associated tissue, joint, or other trouble spot. Customers have reported sixty-second pain relief for sore joints and other spot pain with the topical serum.


A large number of our customers are trying to address issues that are not at the surface, but rather have systemic and chronic implications.  Many conditions show better reported effects with an ingested dose of CBD that can be absorbed more thoroughly over time in the GI tract.  According to our customers, conditions like Crohn’s, MS, Parkinson’s, as well as chronic anxiety, depression, and pain can respond better to ongoing and replenishing doses of cannabidiol.   We carry capsules, gummies, and other familiar “supplement” options, but our most recommended products in this category are our water-soluble line.  With our patent-pending nanotechnology for water soluble CBD (also found in our “3-in-1” products) cannabidiol absorption can reach over 90% and headed towards 100% efficiency (compare this to roughly 50% or less efficiency from most other delivery methods).

When you ingest CBD, it stays in the system for much longer periods of time.  This means that you’re not only increasing absorption to near totality, but you’re prolonging the benefits for a much longer period of time.  It’s no wonder this is probably our most popular product type for the widest range of customers.


There are times when someone’s condition might call for a systemic approach with a water-soluble option, but fast-acting relief is still necessary for acute needs.  Someone dealing with a chronic condition for which they’re using the 3-in-1 liquid as a systemic supplement, but might experience frequent joint pain for which they also use the topical serum for spot pain.

Customers report diminishing returns, or a “sweet spot” for proper dose of CBD for different issues, but cannabidiol is nontoxic and no lethal dose has ever been identified – it’s extremely unlikely, burgeoning on impossible, to take too much and overdose on CBD.  It is entirely safe, and we’d even encourage you to experiment with different methods of ingestion and different dose for different needs.  Come see us at The CBD Store, or give one of our friendly locations a call today!  We’d love to educate ourselves more about you and start our conversation about your needs now.



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